Do you need a new Air Conditioner?

When your air conditioner no longer cools your home effectively, reaching out to an HVAC specialist is a clear next step. Yet, some less obvious indicators suggest it might be time for a new AC system.

Consider a new air conditioner if you recognize these signs:

  • Frequent Repairs: If you've called for AC repairs more than twice in the past year, your unit might be nearing the end of its lifespan. Avoid the continuous cycle of repairs by opting for a new installation with All-Ways Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.

  • Costly Repairs: When repair expenses start to surpass the cost of a new unit, investing in a new air conditioner becomes the financially savvy choice. Our HVAC technicians can advise you on when a system replacement makes sense.

  • Age of Your AC: Most air conditioners are built to last around 10 years, though some may last up to 15-20 years. If your system is aging, consider replacing it to ensure uninterrupted cooling. Our team can evaluate your current system's performance and recommend the best course of action.

  • Outdated Coolant: With new laws phasing out certain coolants, older AC units requiring these substances will need to be replaced. If your system uses such coolants and is running low, it's time for an upgrade.

  • Rising Energy Bills: An increase in cooling costs can indicate your AC's efficiency is declining. While some issues can be fixed with repairs, older systems might struggle to meet your cooling needs, signaling it's time for an upgrade.

For any concerns about your air conditioning system, including potential replacements, contact All-Ways Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.. Our experts are here to ensure your home stays comfortable and efficient.

Why Hire a Professional Installer?

Choosing a professional for your air conditioner installation brings numerous advantages. At All-Ways Heating & Air Conditioning Inc., our team of AC installation specialists is thoroughly trained and employs the latest technology to ensure your new system operates flawlessly and at peak efficiency.

Working with our AC installation professionals offers several key benefits:

  • Enhanced Safety: The installation of a new AC system poses potential risks if not handled properly. At All-Ways Heating & Air Conditioning Inc., prioritizing safety is paramount. We adhere to the highest safety protocols in the industry for all installations and related services.

  • Expert Knowledge: Our skilled technicians are not only trained in installing various types of AC units but also in determining the perfect size for your specific cooling requirements, ensuring efficient and effective performance.

  • Savings Over Time: Incorrect installation can lead to persistent issues, necessitating continuous repairs or even premature replacement. Opting for professional installation guarantees a correctly done job, providing you with long-term savings and peace of mind.

  • Guaranteed Quality: We supply premier products from reputable manufacturers, accompanied by comprehensive, 10-year warranties. This ensures that should any problems arise with your new AC, your investment is protected.

Choosing All-Ways Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. for your AC installation means you can expect timely, equipped service ready to enhance the comfort of your home. Trust us to deliver not just a new cooling system, but a commitment to excellence that cools your space efficiently and safely.